I have expanded my small Skincare Room into a Wellness Center & Spa.  The name of the business has change too...  It is now...  Spa at THE LOFT 

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Teri Lynn's Skincare Therapy Center, located in Pleasant Hill, California.  Tucked away in a precious little cottage setting, this skincare and waxing center is a tranquil oasis where a combination of natural aromatherapy, fresh linens, and soothing surroundings will calm and welcome you.

Trained by some of the top leading professionals in the industry who have spent many years doing research and clinical trials in order to develop a great line of waxes, professional use only and home-care products designed for every kind of acne and skin type.  These products are very well formulated and the very best available for treating your most difficult skin issues, yet they are very reasonably priced.  

Dedicated and committed to providing my clients with the highest integrity of service and professional products.



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